Rome, 1987

2006 - diploma in Graphic Design at Teresa Confalonieri Institute (Rome)

2007- 2009 frequents Scuola Romana dei fumetti, in Rome.

2009 - pubblication on the artbook "Darkstalkers tribute"( Udon)

2010 - Draws 2 stories for the comic magazine X-Comics "Coniglio Editore"
         -Shutter Island (BD editions) colors
         - Pubblication on artbook "Voltron united and drawn" (Wep)
         - Pubblication on "Concrete" volume 3
         - Unknown Soldier (DC) flatter

2011 - "Singles incazzate" (eif narrativa) book cover
         - "Il ritono di Carmilla" (eif narrativa) book cover
         - "Golden axe myth", ingame art gallery

2012 - Pubblication on "Orde" (Absolute black)
         - Pubblication on artbook "Pin ups" (Twilight comics)
         - Page 3 episode 22 "Davvero" (Paola Barbato)

2013 - Draw an Spider-man porn parody called "Spider-manxxx in
           Sexual Symbiosis", released on October 2013.
         - Commission (dozens of illustration and page comics)
         - Synchrone (Le Lombard) flatter
         - Draw book cover "Metallo d'ombra" (Il foglio letterario)

2014 - Draw second chapter about Spider-man porn parody called
           "Sexual symbiosis2"
         - Commission (dozens of illustration and page comics)
         - Draw book cover "Lacrima d'ombra" (Il foglio letterario)

2015 - Draw Spider-man 2099 porn parody
         - Commission (dozens of illustration and page comics)

2016 - Commission (dozens of illustration and page comics)
         - Dylan Dog (Sergio Bonelli) flatter
         - Nathan Never (Sergio Bonelli) flatter
         - Color Tex (Sergio Bonelli) flatter

My name is Rosita, (Rome 09/06/ 1987)
I am a very introverted person, thanks to this wonderful job i've learned to vent all that I have inside, all my thoughts.
This is very hard job, and like all my colleagues, I try to deal with it in the best way i can, despite various failures causet by my insecurity.

I've always been attracted to porn (in fact in this blog you will see that the majority of my art is pornographic), and only in the last 3-4 years i realized that it is my way.  
My style is not for all kinds of comics and actually I've tried a few. 
Porn is the one best suited to my hand and my person. I love to realize erotic comics or illustrations, especially when i have requests for existing characters (Spider-Man, other comics, games or anime!) and represent that part human, real, and natural that unites all humans, which unfortunately can't be always represented in some comics (which would become prohibited in a certain target group).
Sex is normal, is nice ... and see your favorite characters in that act is simply fabulous, and I have the opportunity to represent them.

Time ago my dream was to get into Marvel comics, to draw my own favorite hero ... Spider-Man! I love him very much but unfortunately i am not suitable for this big publishing house.
But when people ask me spidey in lewd acts ... well ... I'm even happier!

ps: little curiosity:
You will find strange the name of my blog (Vicolo geco). Is a play of words in Italian that unfortunately you can't understand.
Is connected to my other passion ... geckos!! (Which you will find in the graphics of the blog) I collect objects of all kinds with this cute shape, and I own two real at home ... my two little dinosaurs! (crested and vittatus geckos)

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  2. Hello, sorry for possible mistakes (I'm French).
    I just found your alien breeder working on a site and saw the number of comments from haters (white vs black) I wanted to know more about you.
    Your style is somewhat similar to that of "Ganassa" with a little less fluid effect.
    I saw your Facebook and your video project and here's just my opinion.
    This is a good project especially if it's what you like (doing what you love is the most important) but I put two thoughts.
    The first is that your style is focused on a specific time of the sexual act rather than the act in full (beginning, middle, end) and made me much thought to this erotic style heroic fantasy realistic. .It is 80-90 years, it might get a bit chilly in our time where there is a little one-upmanship retail and hardcore.
    The 2nd is the choice of design. For example, your snake man is very well done but very realistic, maybe a little too anatomically (the mouth with the glottis) for most people, simply forked tongue. It's just a detail.
    Here is a little about everything.

    It's a bit easy to give advice when one is not for you ... .. but personally I find that a little humor can make truly memorable works (KON KIT for example or some TYPE.90) or make think (SHINDOL-DAHOOTCH can be very strong example with his work on cows or humanized amputee woman is a very humanistic vision).
    The interracial may be interesting but just put "black superiority" is too easy, the drawing can better help demonstrate this (Johns persons even abusive to some qualities in this area).
    But the gore style - of racial Fansados ​​is too elementary ...
    Bravo for your work (I jealous many people with a talent for drawing).
    I have many script ideas or themes, if you want to discuss it, it will always be interesting.
    Good luck !